Office-Style Snack Basket


This perfect gift for any office environment, we fill this basket with scrumptious snacks that can enjoyed by many without any preparation or fuss. Treats may include homemade cheese spreads, crackers, cookies, nuts and nut mixes, savory cheese, biscuits, homemade salsa, pretzels, Market Basket gourmet coffee, chocolate, homemade chip dip, and Market Basket Gourmet Hot Cocoa.



MB Beer Cheddar Spread, MB Fig Spread, Baked in Brooklyn Pita Chips, J & M Cookies, Feridies Peanuts, Little Secrets Wafer Cookies/Bark Thins Snappers, Macy's Cheese Sticks, MB Nonpareils, Popinsanity, Darrel Lea Licorice, Belgian Thins, OMG Pretzels/Chocolove Bites

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